Fall/Winter 2017 Newsletter

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What's new for 2017?


Looking for the latest A.L.I.E. updates? Want to be a part of the latest discussions regarding our lake? Looking for a place to connect with your lake neighbors and friends? Like our Facebook page! Connect with us at https://www.facebook.com/associationlacdesiles. Once you are on our page – share the love of Lac des Îles! Post any interesting animal sightings, lake stories and of course, your latest pictures.

Warning Buoys Replaced

Several deteriorating buoys were replaced and located digitally.  You can see a map and a list of the GPS co-ordinates here.

Water testing results

Good news. Once again for 2017 the lake is in a trophic status as oligotrophic and shows few or no signs of eutrophication. Translation: The Lake is healthy and is still young and according to the Province: “This Lake should be protected.” Their recommendation is to adopt measures which limit nutritive matter that flow into the lake due to human activity. How do we do that? Eliminate the use of phosphates. So, save your lake by purchasing phosphate free products and avoiding the use of fertilizers. Please see this page for a list of affordable phosphate free products. For more complete results please consult: http://www.mddefp.gouv.qc.ca/eau/rsvl

Road repairs

Significant repairs have been made to the roads. Should you have any specific concerns please feel free to contact either Blue Sea or Gracefield directly.

Municipal Inspectors

It's your responsibility too !!! If you see something that causes you concern around or about the lake, please call your municipal inspector.
Blue Sea : Christian Michel (819) 463-2261
Gracefield: Brigitte Lesage (819) 463-3485 Brigitte Lesage

Quebec Region’s 10 Most Poisonous Plants

A quarterly published magazine entitled “Nature sauvage” (www.naturesauvage.ca) provided in their summer 2013 publication, a list of the 10 most toxic plants in and around the Québec region. Some of these plants have more significant effects than others, and though many are not a problem unless ingested, others can lead to significant complications if handled manually. Most of these plants are found around Lac des Îles. To learn more about these plants, please visit our poisonous plants page.

Deer Reminder

Just a reminder that the deer that roam around our neighborhood are best left alone. It is recommended that you not feed them.

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